Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lovin' those Berries!

Camo Extraordinaire

The boys have been identifying moths and butterflies the last couple of weeks. Here is a pic G took of an exceptionally cool one.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bazzy Parfaits on the 4th

I love summer holiday weekends. Everyone you run into is happy and laid back. We have had a very relaxing, fun few days. Sister D had another shower, this one at the groom's cousin's house. Very nice and traditional. The boys spent that day at Sycamore Shoals enjoying an 18th century Independence. They 'made' gunpowder packets (actually coal dust and marbles), danced with pretty girls and brooms - they didn't 'jump' the broom, just danced with it - played some games, went to a tea and generally had fun. Then we headed to the marina for swimming and fireworks. We enjoy our marina as it is the cleanest, quietess on the lake. However, since it is owned by a man with much more money than sense we may be priced out of there eventually. We'll enjoy it while we can. The next day we enjoyed bike riding and again, swimming at the marina. That evening we enjoyed some neighbors foreworks. We are actually taking it easy today, the 4th. Having a quiet supper with friends and a bonfire and marshmallows later. Hope everyone has a safe holiday!