Friday, September 29, 2006

We're here, we're here, we're here

As all who finally heard what Horton heard we are still here! I'm not sure when my blogging fell by the wayside tho I will try to catch everyone up to date. I have continued taking pictures this summer so I will try to remember what we have been up to and post appropriate pics. Hmmm, lets see where to begin. Well, DH is STILL on strike with no end in sight. He has taken to the road to keep our bodies and souls connected to our abode. He worked a month in Texas and now is off in PA. He was home for a month in the middle tho and we were able to have a wonderful camping trip over near Brevard, NC. There is a natural 80' (or so) waterslide there in the river and we did not let the fact that the water was 62 degrees slow us down one bit - tho in all honesty we didn't stay in all afternoon! Even tho it is odd for M to be gone for long periods of time we have all adjusted pretty well. If the traveling thing continues to work out he will keep at it and not return to the local gig. Most people he has met doing these types of jobs work 6-8 months of the year and take the rest of the time off. We could enjoy a lot of our activities this way, from getting more farm chores accomplished to doing a bit of traveling and sailing. For the most part the past few months have been spent close to home. There are advantages to having no money as we have enjoyed the down time immensely.

For those of you keeping up with the boat saga it has been a fine camper this summer. The mast is still down as we need to make some electrical/lighting repairs before it goes back up. And when you have no money to do so well.... We have still enjoyed the lake and our 'neighbors' there. The boys made a great friend two boats down. We hate to see the summer end and will look forward to next year.

I am back on my yoga house kick and will keep you posted on the progression. I had decided on cob (tho still need to test my soil for the viability of this). Since I have been given a few trees so it may become a hybrid. Someone asked me the other week why in the world would I try something like cob. One, the materials are taken right there from the land. Two, when it is built it is immediately usable - no waiting for drywall etc. They just shook their head at my backwardness. Just wait til its done, maybe they will change their minds?!

The boys are still enjoying being at home and learning and growing. C is still into his karate and earned his yellow belt this summer. G has decided he is ready to start karate as well since our search for fencing classes ended up nowhere. They are both taking art class from a wonderful, creative woman who retired from teaching public school because she pretty much hated the whole system there. C's newest project is creating his own 'Yu-gi-oh/Pokemon' like cards. He is really involved with the whole process.

For those of you checking on the process of my father we had to move him to a nursing home recently. The assisted living folks could do no more for him. In one way the move was better as now he is eating very well - one thing he was not doing before. Tho the move to a nursing home is obviously a step down. Even tho it is far better than most it is still a cold, sad place. Pop spends most of his time sleeping in a chair and I am hard pressed to get him to even communicate with me. He was still communicating, albeit in one word responses, well at the assisted living. I suppose it is just the next step.

I am sure there is tons more like that the garden produced well in some areas and not in others, that we have enjoyed many wonderful hours with friends, that I have the wood in for the winter, plus some, that we have nice, new neighbors tho I just can't think of anything more at the moment. Its just nice to be up and blogging again.