Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And another from C

So now G has gotten into the anime act. Pretty proud of the 5 year old as well.

Excuse a little bragging

C never was one for coloring books. He has always been much more into math and science. When G got old enough to draw and color C started to draw a little as well. His drawings were similiar to most 7 year olds I suppose. Then he discovered cartooning and anime. Like most artists not all his attempts turn out tho each is a great learning stage. Last night he created the 'karate man' you see below. I think it is pretty darn good myself.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Here's C's.


So I was digging around in the back of the closet and found some of my art work from college. One of the things that caught the boys' eyes were some perspective drawings. They decided they wanted to try and they came up with some nice ones.

Here's G's.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow Day #3!

As we were sledding yesterday a neighbor came and bull dozed the road the county. That brought to mind snow days as a kid. We didn't get a lot of snow in Nashville but we had a few days every year. One of the reasons we would have several was they didn't plow the side roads back then. They would just clear naturally. Now if we lived in a place that had constant snow I would understand the need to plow. Life must go on. But why must the roads be clear as soon as the snow hits? I know the fire and other emergency people need access tho I suppose 30 years ago people were helped. Maybe it is just because the cities and counties have the equipment (tho it must be a big salt/gravel bill). Or is it because so many people can't take a day off to enjoy themselves? I know so many people are driven by that almighty dollar but come on folks how many days do you get an excuse to stay home and be a kid again - and to play with your kids!? Leave the snow plows at home a day. Save some $$$. At least around here it will warm up quickly enough that you can get back to the grind soon enough.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

At last count we had 11 1/2"!


Flashbacks of 1998. That is what was going though my head last night as I was out on top of the carport sweeping off the snow. The span is really too large for any extra weight so after the first 6 inches or so I thought I'd better clean it off. The last time this had to be done was the great snow storm of 1998. Except that time it was M out there at midnight. The trees were crashing and popping by the second. He said every minute or so something would crack and he would run for the house thinking the carport was giving way. Luckily he made it home that evening to take care of the animals and house. I, on the other hand, did not make it home. I had been training my replacement as I was 8 months pregnant with C. We had gone to Kingsport where the snowfall was insignificant. By the time we got back to the greenhouse it was coming down pretty good. I tried to make it home but was turned back on a steep hill as someone had slid off the road. The weather report kept saying it would all turn to rain. I called M at work and told him I'd stay at work (my boss lives on the property) and I would come home the next day. Little did we know it would be three days before I finally made it. M headed home and was the last person to make it into the hollow. A huge tree fell across the road soon after he arrived.

Back at work the transformers were popping and an eerie green glow came from JC. The bosses were crazy busy putting supports up in the greenhouse. The power went out, the phone went out. It was beautiful tho I sure wished I had made it home. Three days later the roads were semi-cleared in town and I was going home. If I had to walk from the highway, by God, I was going home. Luckily, I have wonderful neighbors who owned a business in Elizabethton. They had come to town for an hour or so and I was lucky enough to catch them there. I rode home to their house. Our road was still impassable. So there I am in my street shoes and not much coat headed up the hollow when I see M out skiing! It was so good to be home. It ended up we had about 2 feet of snow. The power was out for 11 days. All in all a great adventure. Its good to see a good snow fall again and I am thankful I was here for it.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Catch Up

This past week I have gotten so much done I just couldn't help myself and decided to plant a (small) garden this year after all. Just the basics. We are almost out of the last run of home canned green beans so it seems a good year to plant more. We are out of tomatoes as well. So those along with the obligatory squashes will be a nice, easy summer.

As for the things done the best thing was we sold the Pathfinder! Then, the neighbors got their stuff out of our barn! That all started about 2 1/2 years ago. They didn't have any room for the granddad's things and could we keep them for 6 months. Now with all the moving of the boys I needed the space for the extra mattresses. The boys have also expressed a great interest in having a club house until the treehouse is finished. So the upsatirs of the barn is now straightened, cleaned and some space for the boys to hang out. Their bedroom is also finished. The playroom is finished. I got rid of my old, naugahyde chairs and brought the wooden ones back down to the kitchen table. I rehung the pictures that have been down due to the painting (some of this paiting was a couple of years ago!).

M spent some time cutting the branches off the hemlock do it can be cut into lumber. He also started on the other tree for firewood.

The boys gathered tons of trash that was blowing around the farm after all the high winds we have had lately.

All in all a very productive week. And best of all I have this momentum going that I hope will carry us through the new roofs and other much needed chores.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Growing up

On a day to day basis I don't really think about my boys growing up. After all, I see them everyday and they don't seem much different from yesterday. Every now and again they have a growth spurt and I say 'I think you grew last night'. As they master new skills or do something cool I think 'Wow, they are growing up so fast.' Once and awhile they bring tears to my eyes as they do something an older boy might do. Of course,there is always the pile of clothes they have out grown that used to look so big to me. And looking at old photos.... And then there are the times that something is permantly changed that brings on that weepy feeling. Today is one of those days. G's bedroom was the nursery. Tho it has been a boys' room since we moved the crib out is still looked the same. Now it has a new coat of 'grown up boy' blue and G and C are talking of hanging up 'big boy' sorts of things. There is nothing left in the house that is remotely babyish. G is only 5! Seems like there ought to be some baby things left or at least toddler stuff. At least in the morning when he wakes up G still curls up on my tummy for good morning hugs.