Saturday, December 10, 2005

Return of the Wind

When we moved here 9 years ago we had terrific winds. The first winter we lost 3 apple trees and the noise was terrific. The wind would come down from the mountain and fill our part of the holler with whistles, moans, groans and a few screams. The people who built our house installed a huge lightening rod that would shake the house with every burst. Once I got used to it I loved it (except when trying to harden off the vegetable plants and I would have to creat fortresses around them to buffer them from the wind). I think we had winds like that the first two winters and then they virtually dissappeared. They had been gone so long I thought maybe those winters were flukes. This winter the wind has returned with a vengeance. I had forgotten how thrilling it is to hear the winter wind. Some people hate wind tho it makes me feel safe and secure in the house. Yes, it brings trouble like broken greenhouse windows (on the protected side no less!) and downed trees. The last tree that went down crossed the driveway. A friend was here who needed to get home and DH had not returned from work yet. Now anyone that knows me knows I like to do things myself. Except for the computer and the crazed water system I like to think I can handle any farm chore. No problem about the tree, I can use a chain saw. The one thing I can't do is start the damn thing! It has some affliction that stops it dead in its tracks after each use. You have to open it up, use 'the tool', close it back up every time you want to restart it. This time was no different. Not only was there no DH to call I couldn't even find the tool. Nothing makes me madder than have to call for help when I know I can do it myself. Good thing I can curse as loud as I want out here and good thing I have great neighbors with working saws!

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Leslie Shelor said...

A winter wind can be lonesome, but I love hearing it when I'm snug in my work corner. Not so much when I'm out doing chores! Thanks for the link; I've reciprocated!