Thursday, February 09, 2006

Catch Up

This past week I have gotten so much done I just couldn't help myself and decided to plant a (small) garden this year after all. Just the basics. We are almost out of the last run of home canned green beans so it seems a good year to plant more. We are out of tomatoes as well. So those along with the obligatory squashes will be a nice, easy summer.

As for the things done the best thing was we sold the Pathfinder! Then, the neighbors got their stuff out of our barn! That all started about 2 1/2 years ago. They didn't have any room for the granddad's things and could we keep them for 6 months. Now with all the moving of the boys I needed the space for the extra mattresses. The boys have also expressed a great interest in having a club house until the treehouse is finished. So the upsatirs of the barn is now straightened, cleaned and some space for the boys to hang out. Their bedroom is also finished. The playroom is finished. I got rid of my old, naugahyde chairs and brought the wooden ones back down to the kitchen table. I rehung the pictures that have been down due to the painting (some of this paiting was a couple of years ago!).

M spent some time cutting the branches off the hemlock do it can be cut into lumber. He also started on the other tree for firewood.

The boys gathered tons of trash that was blowing around the farm after all the high winds we have had lately.

All in all a very productive week. And best of all I have this momentum going that I hope will carry us through the new roofs and other much needed chores.

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Ren said...

I'm a bit envious of your lovely farm! But hey, I got a couple of blackberry and blueberry bushes last night...feeling really good about that.:) Gotta start somewhere.