Monday, March 27, 2006

A Little Success and a Lot of Snow

I am not sure how people keep up with their blogs so regularly. I can see between planting time and harvesting time there won't be as many days inside to post. I'll do the best I can.

After temperatures in the 70's we hit a normal March spell and then we had three days of snow. All in all I think we had somewhere between 8-10 inches fall. Pretty good for 'spring'. The first day of winter here was around 70 so it is only fitting the first day of spring should be 30.

We finally were able to get out and start the repairs on the boat. M successfully dove under and 'fixed' the keel. I say fixed as that is exactly what he did in that he removed the bolt and we put the new cable in. I had driven the boat into shore and in so doing the keel touched bottom. The point of a swing keel is that it should 'swing' when it encounters an obstacle. Unfortunately we discovered ours does not swing. So, yes, even though our repairs were successful it really doesn't matter because as it stands the keel is now 'fixed'. In the grand scheme of things it is not that big a deal. Most boats have a fixed keel. Problem will be in ever getting it out of the lake. Our trailer is for a swing keel boat and there is no lift on the lake. So for now its just do our repairs on the mast, get it back up and start sailing!

The boys are excited about the possibility of chickens. C has decided he would like to to do most of the work and sell the eggs to the neighbors. M came up with a great idea for a geodesic chicken coop tho I think for now we will start with them being in the barn.


Maria said...

How far apart in age are your boys? They look like they are such great friends!

Autumn said...

I followed Maria over here from reading her comments that you had posted. I hope you don't mind. I am enjoying reading your blog. I use to live in Knoxville, and seeing some of your photos takes me back. I don't miss the snow but East. TN. is a a beautiful area. I will drop in again soon.

WonderSoul said...

Maria - just turned 8 and will be 6 in May. They are great friends - most of the time.

Autumn - thanks for dropping in.

Leslie Shelor said...

What a fun bunch of pictures! The kids look like they're having a great time. ANd more chickens! I'm seeing people getting chickens everywhere and I'm green with envy!