Thursday, June 15, 2006

Girls at Work

Two things I have noticed this strike has brought. Boughts of lethargy for all of us mixed with boughts of action. If we could just harness the action we would have the farm whipped into shape in no time! We did manage to get rid of one junk car last week which enabled us to buy a 55 gallon drum of ethanol. Bio-diesel is in full swing. And the garden and grounds look good.

We finally got into the bees yesterday. All the rain we have had held us back to a certain extent tho can't blame it all on the weather. The bees have been busy, busy, busy. Since we hadn't added any supers they just filled every hole they could find with gorgeous honey. The girls were so busy working that our presence didn't seem to bother them one bit. I love the fact that you can tell when they are angry just by their sounds. I am not sure tho I don't think I have seen a hive this full of bees before. I am a bit sad we missed the locust honey. Locust honey is rare up our way as many years the locust trees don't bloom. Our inactivity means we won't have any locust honey tho I look forward to all the other flavors of summer.


~D~ said...

Beautiful!! such a great photo I can smell the waxy sweet scent from here.

My grandfather had bee hives and I loved working with him around them.

Leslie Shelor said...

My grandfather had bees, too, and it was lovely to see the quiet way he moved, with the bees placid around him. Beautiful honey!

the Contrary Goddess said...

Have you seen Eleutheros' swarm? I think it is on the Free Man's Garden blog. He also helped hive a hive that was in a building's wall at King College recently. That was this a prof there who has, like, every kind of fruit that it is possible to grow here growing in his yard.

Maybe I'll get to see you *sometime*.