Friday, October 20, 2006

ALL are Welcome!

We spent a lovely morning with our homeschool group. It was games day. Everyone brought their favorite games. I'd say there were somewhere between 20 and 25 children playing happily all morning. Even tho the group has had its ups and downs the last little bit I still feel so good when we have days like that. As I have said before I haven't had too many problems with 'others' about homeschooling. Whether with the 'schooling' world or other facets of the homeschooling world. I knew early on a group like SOFH would be the only way to go so I never tried the religious groups. I have too many faults with 'religion'. Religion is so different from spirit. I was reminded yesterday of how lucky we are to have SOFH. Every now and then a new member will join us from another group. Yesterday, I met a lovely woman who had been a member of one of those religious groups. She left because the 'Christians' of the group were arguing about who should be allowed in their group. Catholics shouldn't be allowed because they aren't Christians. Episcoplaians weren't Christians and so on. In my book no one can decide who is or isn't Christian. My brand of 'Christianity' is so far different from most tho that doesn't make me any less of a good person. Being a 'Christian' is being honest and kind and loving. Guess what folks Catholics and Episcopalians can be all these things - just like Muslims, Buddists, Native Americans, Atheists.... I am so glad I have found a group where it doesn't matter your religion, or your ethniticity, creed or even educational ideas. Here's to more great gatherings!


Ren said...

Hear, hear!!
We really enjoyed the group also Perry. Lotsa nice Mums and kids and nobody asked me what church I go to.:)

laura said...
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laura said...

you are making me miss the group like crazy!!

i remember being told years ago when i said the same bit about being a good person, that being pious was not enough to get into heaven, etc etc.

i don't live in that world, thank you very much!!! i believe piouty is enough. more people should just be good. there are far too many christians putting on a face to the rest of the world, you know going to church and all that...but then they turn around and just aren't "good" in other ways. i don't get that. and i'm not making a blanket statement for all religious people...there are just those few, ya know.

but man do i miss the group...did i say that already? =)

i formed an unschooling yahoo group 2 years ago when we were moving down here and it has a pretty good number of people now but still no set activity times or anything. we don't seem to be able to get together. me with no car most days doesn't help either!!! but i miss that community.

the Contrary Goddess said...

I wish I had been able to come. Maybe next month! So many people I miss!

Ren said...

I hope you can come soon Denise...I'd love to chat with you!:) And I hope you get up here for a visit soon Laura...that would be awesome.