Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Hallooooooweeeeeen!

It has been a couple of busy, fun days. A good friend and excellent teacher brought over a cloud chamber for the boys to see the visual of radioactive particles. DH brought home some radioactive items from the job in PA an dit was interesting to be able to see the trails left by the different particles. Very cool.

Then the rest of the time has been devoted to costumes, candy, friends and pumpkins. C is still on a Lord of the Rings kick (if you remember he was Gandlaf last year) and was Legolas and G was an alien. They hauled home tons of candy. We had the get together at a friend's house. I made a blood colored punch and floated a frozen ice hand (rubber gloves are great!) in it while dry ice bubbled from beneath. Most ghostly.

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Madcap said...

Hey, I've never heard that idea before, freezing a handshape from a rubber glove! I'll have to do that, definitely, and I'm not waiting for next Hallowe'en, either.