Monday, April 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

What a beautiful weekend! We had Guthrie’s birthday party Saturday and I think everyone had fun. I know the boys and I did. It was so nice having people over again – hanging out, good food, music, enjoying the mountain. We used to have several parties a year out here. One pig party and several smaller gatherings. Saturday I felt as if things were getting back to where they should be.

Someone asked a friend if she was a ‘homeschooling’ friend or some other friend. I had the thought at the time, how does someone have a ‘something’ friend? We all have people we know from this activity or that tho a friend is just that, a friend. I might have met this particular friend through homeschooling or maybe ‘college’ or maybe work or …. But the end result is they are a friend pure and simple. And the group of friends that showed up Saturday are some of the best. It is so nice to be doing things with these friends again. I knew there was a hole in life when the boys went to school and I went back to work because I couldn’t see these friends as often. Now I am so thankful to be able to see them again on a semi-regular basis and once we get out of school we’ll be back in the thick of it again! I have spent a lot of years spending time with people I am not always comfortable with and I have never had that problem with this group of absolutely awesome people.

Bring on the summer!!!!


laura said...

we had an awesome time too!! i'm glad to be part of your group of something friends =)

can't wait to come back out there again!!

go to my blog and check out my pix of the party!!

Ren said...

Me too...
and I LOVE your mountain. Dreaming of country living again.

My kids had an awesome time too! Oh, and it's nice to have you back.:)