Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oppossum Baby

'Mom, Mom come quick'. Any mother's heart always skips a beat when you here this tho quickly after I heard 'we found a baby opossum!' So thats why the cats were circling under the eaves of the shop. Sure enough a baby opossum was hanging out at the back corner of the shop. No mama was to be seen and with the cats looking hungrily at the shaky thing we decided we'd better help. I got my work gloves, picked him up and took him to the greenhouse. The kids pulled out an old bunny cage, tore up some newspaper and put him in. Of course, he slipped right out through the wire. Next we tried a large trashcan. This seemed to work while we researched what to do. We found that if you find a baby opossum you should do exactly what we did plus add some hot water bottles to his temporary home. Worried about what to feed him we read we shouldn't feed or water him. Thankfully we have a wild animal rehab here in the Tri-Cities! And they say we live on the back side of nowhere, Try Cecil Estep Road on the back side of Stoney Creek! We got him the sprout safely to his new home where the caretaker told us there were other opossums there just about his size. Maybe some would view us as silly to go to all that work for a wild baby but we felt much better as we drove back to our side of nowhere.


laura said...

silly? no way. i've taken birds in and raised them, sometimes watched them die AND CRIED! i've also taken them to rehabs. i've taken a couple baby squirrels to one as well.

you have a mama-heart =)

Ren said...

I agree with La...not silly at all. I used to drive about 60 miles round trip just to take rescued birds to the Audubon society in Portland! Your lil' possum is sooooo cute.