Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I miss the boys when they are not here. Their laughter, their energy, their thoughtfulness. Then a day like today comes along and I thoroughly enjoy my solitude. It was one of those days slated for outdoor chores. The weather did not co-operate but I plunged ahead, dodging the raindrops. I weeded and planted most of the garden in the rain. It was not unpleasant, just had to push my dripping hair out of my face now and again. When the sun would come out I would mow a bit and stop with the deluge. I think it took me five attempts but I got the entire farm mowed. I even mowed my little paths and hollows that I have neglected the past couple of years. While mowing I made a mental note of all the over-hanging branches that needed a trim. I even made it back to the same spots with the trimmers. All in all a very productive day. As dusk fell I walked my newly mown paths. I haven't retained much 'city' from my suburban upbringing tho I do love a mowed lawn. Up here in the mountains it has a differnt smell than down in the flatlands with all the concrete. Tonight the freshly cut grass blended with the moist, rotting smell of the forest and it was intoxicating. The muted colors of spring under the lowering clouds and the setting sun were beautiful and calming.

I can't wait til the boys get home to explore all the newly, re-cut paths. But I relish in the peacefulness of the day.


laura said...

heavenly =)

Ren said...

Sounds utterly lovely...rain and all.:)