Friday, April 14, 2006

The secret is out

C has been working so hard the last few weeks. His karate class has been working towards their spring demo. They have been working partly in secret. G and I take C to class and then go do something else as it is pretty boring to sit and stare at an empty room. Last night we finally got to see it all come together. Most of what they did was what they have been doing on a weekely basis: workouts, kicks, punches, kadas. What they were doing in secret was a stick kada put to music. C looked so confident and sure of himself out there. He really did enjoy himeself. We all did. The older class also performed their kadas, some including 'weapons' and some pretty fancy kicks. Two older teens in particular are a joy to watch. Their strenght and fluidity are so well balanced. C admires both boys and hopes to be able to do what they do some day. I like that he sees what hard work can do.

C also tested for his next level belt. He is now an orange/purple belt!

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