Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fritters and Thankfulness

I was over visiting my good friend, the Contrary Goddess's blog and saw her recipe for Locust Blossom Fritters. Now I am a great one for eating off the land. We make sure we get our yearly dose of branch lettuce, ramps, morel mushrooms, red bud blossoms and so on tho I had never heard of Locust Blossom Fritters. I was glad to find a new 'of the land' food and glad for the extra knowledge of making do with what one has. You see, I happened on this the same day my husband's company went on strike. Now, one should be prepared for anything however, in this instance we were not. No one expected this strike but when the contract came back it was too bad to sign so as of 11 pm Monday night we have no income and come the first of June no insurance. Yes, we should have prepared better and normally we do. The last little bit tho we had forgotten how tenuous work can be. We were lulled into that idea of safety from a 'sure' paycheck. This is a harsh way to be reminded of what is what but if harsh is needed so be it. We are much better off than most folks tho. Because we garden and raise bees and buy in bulk we have a good deal of food laid by. Because we do save money we have enough set aside to pay the mortgage, the phone, lights for a couple of months. We will have biodeisel to put in the car so we can get to town occassionally. We also don't live the rat race life that most folks do so we can step back from it all and be OK. Several people I have talked to don't know how they will pay next months bills much less the month after that. The last strike was 11 months. No one knows what this one holds. Course the lack of insurance bothers me a bit. We have lived a lot of years off and on without it but I sure was glad we had it a few months ago when M had a $5,000 kidney stone. And if things continue we will have to get work. But for now at least we'll get some extra chores done!

Oh, and we fried up a batch of fritters too!


the Contrary Goddess said...

red bud blossoms? How do you fix those up?

WonderSoul said...

Red bud blossoms - just pick and throw on a salad or in a stirfry. They have a nice nutty flavor.

Leslie Shelor said...

I didn't know you could eat red bud blossoms, either! The locust are blooming heavily here right now; yesterday coming down the road was the first I heard about eating locust blossoms. Hope the strike doesn't go on too long!