Monday, May 08, 2006

Last night I shot an elephant in my Pajamas...

...and how he got in my pajamas I'll never know.

I have no pictures of the progress of the garden today tho lots of work has been done. As we have so many other chores that need doing around the house I did not put in a full garden this year. We are down to the last few jars of beans so many beds will be devoted to beans this year. The first has been planted. The raspberry patch has been worked in as well as the strawberry patch. I may need to trim some branches over the strawberries as they seem to be getting less sun than in the past. The squash, pumpkin, cabbage and okra is in the ground. I potted up many herbs as the herb garden has slowly been taken over by spreading perennial flowers. Let's see, lots of weeding has been going on. I have the honor of throwing my best friend's bridal shower here so I want those weedy beds to be pretty this year! Only thing left to go in the ground are the tomatoes. Last year we had snow on the ground on May 15th so I will wait a few more days.

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