Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I love this day! My boys are very good about telling me they love me and passing out hugs and kisses on a regular basis. However, it sure is nice to get a little extra attention. Their plan was to fix me breakfast in bed. However, with all the packing and moving and doings of getting N on the road to Colorado it seeped over into today. She was completely ready to go last night tho we talked her into starting fresh this morning so she stayed with us last night. Putting off the inevitable a few more hours. She finally headed out around 10 a.m. amoung many tears. I will miss her terribly. She is a great woman and is a great friend. We're already planning a trip to see her next year. So instead of breakfast in bed the boys took me out to lunch at Fatz. There we were in all our moving grubs amoung the church dressed folks. It was great - and good food. Later, the boys were determined to fix me food in bed so for supper G fixed chips and cheese and C fixed me an egg - over easy (this is C's newest food skill, he does it well - and often) along with a good beer - and fed me in bed! They also got me this great mushroom chair for outdoors although at the moment we are dragging it around inside the house as it is so comfortable.

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