Thursday, July 14, 2005

Elves? Sprites?

Has the river been visited by water sprites? No, just boys who love playing in the rocks. We headed towards Mt. Rogers this morning with the idea of a long, all day hike. However, before we could get away I received an emergency call saying they needed me to play a role in the Wataugans. And tonight was dress rehearsal! Even tho the day's plans had changed somewhat we decided to go ahead towards Mt. Rogers for a modified hike. We stopped here at Backbone to play and to show the boys some nice climbs we plan on making in the near future. Backbone is a great place to laern how to climb. Great handholes, near the car, nice water to play in. The weather was overcast so again, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We went in to Damascus for a snack and the rain clouds joined us. We drove awhile towards Grayson Highlands in the rain but finally decided the rain was not going to let up so we turned around and headed home.

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