Monday, July 25, 2005

Lots of sun and a little wind

This weekend was spent almost entirely on the boat, either at the marina on out on the lake. She is now pretty clean and we are starting to inventory all the lines (ropes) that need replacing. Our first line broke today tho at this point it was not an important one. We were far out so good thing it wasn't a main one! I am quickly finding out that this time of year in our part of the world there is not much wind. If we were on the ocean we would have been in the doldrums today. We managed to sail a little but mostly used the motor. The boys are becoming so comfortable in the water, especially Guthrie. He just loves being in the water. It won't be long before he is swimming without his life jacket. Watauga Lake has many lovely coves to investigate and so far not many people investingating them. The most unsettling thing today was going under the Butler Bridge. Last weekend the WLSC had a sleep out where the Elk River empties into the lake. The Commodore, who went on the sleep out, has a boat like ours and so we knew our Chrysler would make it under OK. I don't know how high the bridge is and I don't know how high the water was today but our mast is approxiamately 34 feet off the water. It was odd watching the mast go under. Surely, there was 10 feet to spare but it sure didn't look like it from my perspective. Even coming back thru was a breath-holder even tho, of course, if we made it under the first time we'd make it back, still...

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