Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sliver of rainbow

Whew, it has been a couple of busy days. Michael came back from the marina after a wind storm had blown thru. Blew our dock off the main dock and the girl, along with 20 other boats, was inaccessible. Luckily the dock is attached to the bottom of the lake so it didn't go too far. The owner of the marina, who used to own King Pharmecuticals, doesn't know much about the marina business yet. There was no emergency number so the dock workers didn't know about the problems til they arrived for work the next morning. Cove Ridge is the cleanest and quietest marina on the lake tho if they don't get a few things straightened out we will take the boat somewhere else come spring.

Co had a karate demo at the old folks home today. He looked very confident and crisp up there. You could tell he was enjoying showing his new skills.

We headed to the boat after the demo. I decided to paddle my kayak for a little exercise and solitude. The lake was still as glass and very quiet. I caught a glimpse of a rainbow. It was a lovely late afternoon. The boys took the sailboat to a cove and I paddled over to meet them. We did a little fishing and chatted with a marina neighbor. We all felt the urge to stay longer tho M has to work in the morning. All in all a good day.

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