Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ship Shape

The boys and I headed out to the boat today. I am actually finding myself missing it already on days we don't go out. The boys enjoyed floating around the boat as I got started on cleaning her. It didn't take long before both boys were up on the deck helping haul buckets of water and dumping it on the clean spots. With her almond color it is hard to see much difference tho now all those black spots are gone. Then it was back in the water for all of us. It won't be long before Guthrie is swimming without aid. Hopefully, Coburn won't be long behind. Both boys are enjoying the environment and exploring lots tho they have to have an eye peeled for other boats. During the week its not much of a problem as we are practically the only people at the marina. Cove Ridge, even on the weekends, is rather quiet. Funny how some people own boats are never take them out. There are only 3 other sail boats at Cove Ridge. According to the people on the docks two boats have never been seen going out and the third rarely goes out. Its unfathomable on two counts. My sea-faring side can't understand not using one's boat and my practical side can't understand having the expense of an unused toy. Guess we all have our own reasons.

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